Juice - The Juice #01 Carrot Coconut
$ 10.00 / 16.0 oz / ea

Organic: Organically grown foods are richer in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients then their conventionally grown counterparts

Raw: Raw fruits and veggies are dense with cancer fighting live enzymes

Cold-Pressed: Only organic, unadulterated fruits and veggies enter their press

The Juice #01 Carrot Coconut is sweet and creamy, dense with amino acids from the cream of fresh-pressed, mature coconut meat. This all organic and raw juice will fully nourish and cleanse your body to a higher level of healthiness. The Juice only uses unadulterated organic fruits and veggies in their cold-pressed process resulting in the most nutritious and satisfying pure juices! *2-4 day shelf life

The Juice Process:

Organic: Always choose pressed juices and nut-milks that are made from organic produce. Foods containing pesticides and fungicides will not nourish and cleanse your body as pure organic foods will. Plus, organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution!

Raw: If the date on a product is for more than four days, then that product has been processed in some way to extend it’s natural shelf life. Their products are never processed or pasteurized in any way! The Juice believe this maintains the natural structure and integrity of the abundant nutrients present.

Cold-Pressed: Their juicing process utilizes hydraulic press technology with the power of seven tons of pressure, to gently extract every bit of nutrients down to the cellular level, yielding the most nutritious and delicious juices and nut milks possible.

  • Organic
  • RAW
  • Fresh
  • Delicious

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