Tejava Unsweetened Black Tea 4 pk
Tejava Unsweetened Black Tea 4 pk Tejava Unsweetened Black Tea 4 pk
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Tejava Unsweetened Black Tea is unlike any tea you’ve ever had. Tejava is made by using handpicked tea leaves from the Island of Java, Indonesia. They take only the highest quality leaves and brew Tejava in small batches, making the tea taste just like you make at home. This process yields the bold, yet smooth flavor for which Tejava is known and loved. 4 - 12 oz bottles

Tejava is 100%, all natural, micro-brewed and ready-to-drink iced tea. To ensure the best tasting tea, they pick only the top few leaves from each branch – and only from May-October – the optimum harvesting months. Tejava believes in letting the tea speak for itself so they don’t hide its flavor behind sugar, additives or added ingredients.

Tejava believes in simplicity. Tejava has no added flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Tejava is simply pure black tea. When people ask “how do you make Tejava?” the answer is a simple equation: Tea Plus Nothing = Tejava

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