Tangerine Satsuma
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Tangerine Satsuma have a red orange, leathery and oily peel that is known as "zipper skin" as it clings so loosely to its flesh that it can be peeled with just a couple of tears. Left behind is a fragrant and juicy segmented flesh nearly ovoid of seeds. Satsuma Tangerines are perhaps the sweetest tangerine and the sweetest known citrus variety. They may also be used as a salad ingredient, in baked, frozen or fresh dessert preparations, or juiced and used in cocktails or smoothies. Pair Satsuma Tangerines with yogurt, endive, arugula, winter squash, leeks and pears.

They are a very rich source of Vitamin-C, low in calories and high in flavor. Tangerines are considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange. Sold by the 1LB (approx).

They are easy-to-eat and peal, and also seedless. A pocket is a perfect place to always have one just in case. Slip one in your kid’s backpack to make an easy access snack. Where you used to keep your sweets, replace them with these healthy treats.

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