T-Bone Steak USDA Prime 18oz Niman Ranch - Milk and Eggs
$ 36.60
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California Grass Fed USDA Prime Beef
Sourced from the highly sought after Niman Ranch. Almost all supermarkets and grocery stores only go as high as select or choice. Prime meats are reserved for premium steak houses or 5 star restaurants and hotels.
T-Bone or Porterhouse is commonly loved for it's T shaped bone, separating a strip steak on one side and tenderloin (filet) on the other. USDA Prime is the highest grade of 3 (select, choice, prime), less than 2% of beef earns a Prime grading. USDA Prime steaks result in a delightfully tender and juicy, yet buttery flavor and texture profile, far superior than its 2 lesser cousins. These meats are never frozen.

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