Spread The Love Artisan Raspberry Jam
Spread The Love Artisan Raspberry Jam Spread The Love Artisan Raspberry Jam
$ 9.99 / 11.5 oz

Spread The Love Artisan Raspberry Jam is made from all natural, Non-GMO, premium raspberries. This delicious raspberry jam is wonderful when spread over your favorite toasted artisan bread or as a topping on your favorite ice cream!  

Ingredients: raspberries

Spread The Love was created by the happy couple, Valerie and Zachary Fishbain. They first started making peanut butter when they were planning their wedding in May of 2013. They wanted to give something pure, healthy and made with love to their guests. So they made more than 160 small jars of homemade peanut butter as wedding favors.

After the wedding, word had started to spread about their artisan peanut butter and Valerie and Zach were receiving special requests from friends (and friends of friends) to fulfill orders. This is when Valerie and Zachary decided to go into business and start Spread The Love. Since then, they’ve been selling at local farmers markets in Los Angeles and are looking forward to spreading the love throughout the country.

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