Spectrum Naturals Sunflower Oil 16 oz
Spectrum Naturals Sunflower Oil 16 oz Spectrum Naturals Sunflower Oil 16 oz
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Spectrum Naturals Sunflower Oil has been coined the 'Golden Child'. This Sunflower Oil is higher in monounsaturated fat and lower in both saturated and polyunsaturated fats than regular sunflower oil, which means it's good for your heart and pure heaven for high heat cooking. What's not to love? Where better to take advantage of the myriad health benefits of oils than in your kitchen? Spectrum Naturals brings the same ardent commitment to careful sourcing and natural processing to all their culinary oils, whether all-purpose cooking oils like Canola and Safflower, or to artisan-crated specialty oils like Toasted Hazelnut and Pumpkin Seed. Just taste and see. Sunflower Seed Oil is one of the healthiest and most versatile of all the oils. Because of its high smoke point, it's perfect for cooking, baking, frying, and dressing. Packed full of vitamin E and omega-6s, healthy amounts of sunflower oil have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, bad cholesterol, and slim down the waist line. Try Spectrum Naturals Sunflower Oil in place of olive oil in all your dishes for a more healthy option, it's excellent for high-temperature cooking and baking!

*Refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: 100% mechanically (expeller) pressed naturally refined high oleic organic sunflower oil

In 1986, Spectrum Naturals brand was founded in Petaluma, CA to bring nutrition and quality into the vegetable oil market. Soon after Spectrum Naturals brand was founded, Spectrum Essentials brand was created to produce and market dietary supplements. Both brands were committed to offering premium, wholesome alternatives to conventional products. This commitment stemmed from the brand’s use of organic, non-GMO ingredients and its chemical-free extraction of oils.

Spectrum Naturals brand soon became a leading innovator in the development of expeller-pressed and certified organic vegetable oils, as well as a leading proponent of testing and verifying the absence of genetically modified organisms in its culinary oils. In 2005, Hain Celestial Group acquired Spectrum Organic Products, and today, Spectrum brand is the #1 Natural and Organic Culinary Oil brand!

Spectrum brand was founded for one simple reason: to provide a reliable source of high quality, wholesome products. Their brand offers 30+ varieties of Non-GMO Project Verified culinary oils, sourced from worldwide geographies including Spain and Italy. This collection of oils feature premium expeller-pressed and cold-pressed products. As your culinary partner, they are here to educate, guide, and inspire you with tips and resources that will take your dishes to new heights.

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