Silk Soy Milk Organic Unsweetened
Silk Soy Milk Organic Unsweetened Silk Soy Milk Organic Unsweetened
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Silk Soy Milk Organic Unsweetened can be enjoyed anywhere you use dairy milk—over your cereal, in your coffee or simply by itself. It's all the soy goodness you love with absolutely no added sugar. Silk soymilk is a good source of soy protein and has as much calcium as dairy milk.

Benefits include Certified Organic, Absolutely no added sugar, 7 grams of heart-healthy soy protein, Excellent source of calcium, 100% cholesterol-free, Low in saturated fat, Free of dairy lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG, Verified by the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, No artificial colors, flavors or funny business.

Ingredients: Organic Soymilk (Filtered Water, Organic Soybeans), Contains 2% or less of: Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin [B2], Vitamin B12), Sea Salt, Natural Flavor, Gellan Gum.

Perfectly scrumptious: Every delectable drop of Silk® soymilk begins with whole-harvested soybeans. Unlike some soymilks that use chemically extracted soy protein, Silk begin with the whole bean to preserve the goodness that nature intended. Silk takes extra care to select only high-quality beans grown without genetic engineering, right here in North America. Silk presses the beans in filtered water, then remove insoluble fiber known as okara while preserving soy protein and other components. Finally, they blend in other ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and natural flavorings to make a one-of-a-kind sensation no taste bud can resist. Getting thirsty?

Silk works just like milk in cereal, recipes and beyond: Experiment with a splash of soymilk over cereal, in smoothies and in your favorite recipes. You can swap Silk for milk cup for cup in almost any dish, from creamy soups to tempting desserts. You’ll love the taste, and probably won’t miss the lactose and cholesterol of dairy milk one little bit. Who knows, this could be the start of a whole new passion for plant-based foods.

New to soymilk? Welcome to a 2,000-year-old history: The migration of soymilk from Asia to Europe to your table took over 2,000 years! Silk’s collective thanks to those soy lovers from history, because now finding Silk is as easy as traveling to the grocery store. Tofu and soymilk trace their roots way back to China in the second century B.C. Nourishing and economical, they quickly became staples throughout Asia. Soymilk made the leap to Europe in the middle of the fifteenth century and into the United States around 1900. Bet you didn’t know you were part of an ancient international club.

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