Farm Sampler Bag - Milk and Eggs
$ 19.90

A variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables fresh from the local best farms. This box will change monthly and will typically includes 10-12 items such as loose or bunched roots, salad greens, leafy cooking greens, broccoli/cauliflower, and other seasonal items such as sweet peppers, lemons, winter squash, orange , grapefruit and apples! Big Savings!

Changes monthly without warning

1 x Muscat Red Seedless Grapes
2 x Bartlett
4 x Banana
1 x Thai Coconut
2 x Grapefruit
2 x Kiwi
1 x Asian Apple Pear
2 x Roma Tomato
1 x Asparagus
1 x Garlic Sleeve
1 x Cilantro
2 x Green onion
1 x Butter Lettuce
1 x Celery
1lb x Potato Red Rose
1 x Baby Peeled Carrots

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