Ripple Half & Half Original 16 oz
Ripple Half & Half Original 16 oz Ripple Half & Half Original 16 oz
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Ripple Half & Half Original 16 oz is made from the purest plant protein on earth. They use only the finest pea sources to produce the ultra-clean tasting pea protein you can only find in Ripple products. Sunflower Oil gives Ripple Half & Half Original its rich texture velvety smoothness. Algal oil provides DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, and the Vitamin A & Calcium are simply healthy. With Ripple Half & Half Original, you can now enjoy decadent dishes, sumptuous soups, and rich desserts with no saturated fat or cholesterol. The secret is Ripple’s proprietary blend of oils, which give you the right fats in the right proportions. Ripple has replaced the saturated fats and cholesterol in dairy half & half with essential omega-6s and omega-3s from pure plant sources.

Ripple has 8x the protein of almond milk and half the sugar of dairy milk. It’s high in bioavailable calcium (50% more than milk), potassium and provides a good source of omega-3s. It’s lower in calories than milk and best of all, it has the creamy, delicious texture they think our dairy-free friends are missing. No more thin, chalky almond/ soy/ cashew milk.

    Ingredients: Water, contains less than 1% of organic cane sugar, sunflower lecithin, gum arabic, sea salt, guar gum, gellan gum, and natural flavors

    Founders of Ripple; Neil Renninger and Adam Lowry are committed to making a difference. Adam created Method to bring the world sustainable, beautiful cleaning products. Before trading in his lab coat to start Ripple, Neil helped develop a production process for an anti-malarial compound that is now used to make more than 100 million treatments a year. Together, these two innovative scientists created a revolutionary (and delicious) plant-based milk: Ripple.

    These guys think good food should be simple. And for food to be good, they think it needs to taste great, nourish your body and leave a small footprint on the planet. When we make the right choice as easy as pouring a delicious glass of Ripple milk, we empower more people to eat and live well. Finally, Ripple believes in running their business the right way. Ripple is a registered and certified Benefit Corporation. They use only natural ingredients and their bottles are made of only 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable.

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