Ribeye Steak Grass Fed 12 oz by Marconda's
$ 15.99 / 12.0 oz
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Ribeye Steak Grass Fed 12 oz, like all ribeye, are cut from the center rib section. This cut is often the crown jewel of all steaks and has the most marbling and fat content for maximum flavor profile.  It tends to be very juicy and delicious!  Often the favorite cut amongst steak lovers, you cannot go wrong with this choice.   

Beef from grass-fed cattle naturally contains more omega-3 fatty acids than from grain-fed cattle (three times as much).  It is also has the distinct flavor that comes from grass fed cattle.  Enjoy this high quality Ribeye Steak Grass Fed 12 oz with its juicy and tender profile!

Established 1941, the Marconda's family has been offering Los Angeles good old fashioned butcher service for generations at The Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax. They're a family-owned and operated meat and poultry market, offering traditional butcher service with natural, premium meats. They are known for selling mostly ground meats and sausages, and to this day still make their own original meat loaves and wide variety of sausages. On most days, you can find two or three generations of their family working together at the Farmers Market, always ready to serve you with a smile.