Ribeye Steak California Grass Fed 12 oz - Milk and Eggs
$ 21.99 / 12.0 oz / ea

Ribeye steaks are cut from the center rib section. This cut is often the crown jewel of all steaks and has the most marbling and fat content for maximum flavor profile.  It tends to be very juicy and delicious!  Often the favorite cut amongst steak lovers, you cannot go wrong with this choice.  

Beef from grass-fed cattle naturally contains more omega-3 fatty acids than from grain-fed cattle (three times as much).  It is also has the distinct flavor that comes from grass fed cattle.  Enjoy this high quality steak with its juicy and tender profile!

This steak is from Sun Fed Ranch.  It is all natural, hormone free, and no antibiotics used.  SunFed Ranch prides itself in raising cattle in a stress free environment where they are grass fed and treated with care of the strictest standards.  They spend their lives as nature intended, roaming outdoors and nurtured with continuous access to fresh green grass and pure water. 

Premier is one of highest quality meat growers / processor in LA, supplying their meats to 5 star restaurants and hotels. What we've coined at 5 star restaurant meats that is not available anywhere else. Featured restaurants are Gordon Ramsay, Boa Steakhouse, Nobu, Bazaar, Osteria Mozza, Bestia, Wynn Hotel, and more. 

They guarantee quality you can taste, with integrity at every level. All meats are all natural, anti-biotics free, hormone free, sustainability raised, and GMO free. 

5 Star Restaurant Meat

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