PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True
PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True
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PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True contains USDA certified natural & organic human grade ingredients. Turkey provides a low-fat source of protein. Long grain brown rice and whole grain rolled oats provide healthy carbohydrates that provide energy. Rice also serves as a palette cleanser and provides fiber that is easy on the stomach. Oatmeal contributes to a shiny fur coat. The vitamin C in broccoli supports the absorption of protein. Salmon oil provides EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce allergies, improve cognitive functions and help control weight. Try PURE Dog Food Turkey Tried & True...your dog will surely thank you!

Ingredients: turkey, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, rolled oats, canine multivitamin and mineral supplement and safflower oil

Benefits: Low in Fat, High in Protein, High in Folic Acid and Calcium, Great for Weight Management, Great for Sensitive Stomachs

PURE Dog Food is the difference you can see and your dog can taste. The fresh, wholesome look of their food, and your dog’s happy reaction at mealtime are at the heart of their family-owned business. At PURE, they cook delicious dog food in their own commercial kitchen, using locally sourced, all-natural, and organic ingredients. PURE know's the joy that pets bring to a home, and PURE products allow everyone to give back some of that love.

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