Probiotic Boost Bone Broth Unseasoned Beef Marrow 16 OZ
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Probiotic Boost Bone Broth Unseasoned Beef Marrow is made from 100% grass fed, grass finished beef marrow bones & knuckle bones! These guys purchase their beef bones directly from the ranchers who raise these animals so they know exactly where their bones come from, as well as the diet of these pasture raised animals. Low simmered 72 hours and contains no added salt or any vegetables. It's pure delicious bone broth geared towards babies, people with sodium issues, or those who have allergies to certain vegetables. Probiotic Boost Bone Broth Unseasoned Beef Marrow is incredibly nourishing for babies! Pet friendly too! Probiotic Boost's pastured marrow & knuckle bones are roasted in the oven, then soaked in organic apple cider vinegar before low simmering to help break down mineral content. Paleo/ Low Carb/ Ketogenic friendly

Probiotic Boost Bone Broth Unseasoned Beef Marrow is a rich and nutrient dense bone broth that is flash frozen within hours of low simmering, packaged at room temperature (broth is given an ice water bath to bring down the temp).

Bone Broth is an incredibly nourishing and healing food, especially to those who suffer from Crohns, Colitis, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Diverticulitis, and other digestive disorders. Bone broth is very easily absorbable, and can help sooth the lining of the intestinal tract for those suffering from inflammation.

Contains no gluten, soy or grains of any kind

*Bone Broths come FROZEN

Shelf life: 7 days refrigerated / 6 months frozen

Probiotic Boost/ Cherry's Gourmet is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in fermented foods such as raw organic sauerkruats, raw organic kombucha, fermented probiotic sodas as well as non-fermented foods such as low simmered grass fed/ organic bone broths, and coconut based paleo/ vegan treats. They started from humble origins in 2011, selling kombucha and sauerkrauts at their very first farmers market in Burbank, California.  Since then, they have greatly expanded their menu options and have products available at 7 local farmers markets in the greater Los Angeles area, in addition to small local cafes, coffee shops and crossfit gyms.

All Probiotic Boost products are made in their certified manufacturing facility, from scratch, and produced/ bottled by hand. They take great care in sourcing their organic ingredients, as most of their ingredients are purchased directly from the growers/ farmers at local farmers markets.