Pomegranate Large
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Pomegranates are seasonal fruit available in fall and winter and commonly included in many seasonal recipes and decorations. They taste amazing and are an wonderful source of powerful disease prevention. They have anti-inflammatory effects, aromatase inhibitors (reduce breast cancer risk), and have phtyochemicals for heart disease prevention. 

During late winter through spring, pomegranates are from Chile.  Pomegranates range in color from deep magenta to bright red, the spherical fruits are roughly the size of an apple and have a thin but tough skin.  The interior of the fruit is filled with seeds, technically called arils.  The seeds of the Pomegranate are the edible portion.  Each seed is enclosed in a translucent, bright red pulp that offers a sweet-tart taste with notes of cranberry, rhubarb, red currant and concord grape.  

Enjoy pomegranates by themselves or mixed in salads. Many recipes for sauces and juices as well as deserts. 

These large ones make the work of cracking one open that much more worth it! 

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