Peking Fresh Wonton Skins - Milk and Eggs
$ 2.99 / 1.0 lb / ea

Wontons (餛飩皮 /  雲吞皮) are Asian versions of ravioli. Commonly filled with ground meats, chese, or any variety of fillings (similar to ravioli). Once wrapped, wontons can be boiled, fried, or broiled. 

Wonton skins (or wonton wrappers) are thin pieces of dough, cut into 3-4 inch squares. In a 16 ounce package there are approximately 60-70 skins. Each square holds one tablespoon of filling.

Wonton skins are very popular for wontons, fried wontons,  mini egg rolls, and used a noodles in soups. 

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