Peking Fresh Eggroll Skins - Milk and Eggs
$ 3.99 / 2.0 lb / ea
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Egg rolls or spring rolls (春捲皮 / 蛋捲皮)are Asian versions of large ravioli or tortillas. Commonly filled with ground meats, cheese, or any variety of fillings (similar to ravioli). Once wrapped, egg rolls can be fried or broiled. 

Eggroll skins (or egg roll wrappers) are thin pieces of dough, cut into 6 inch squares. In a 2 pound package there are approximately 40-50 skins. Each square holds 4-6 tablespoons of filling. 

Some amazing ideas for spring rolls outside of the traditional egg rolls are, loaded mashed potato egg rolls, crunchy taco cups, crispy smores spring rolls, wonton wrapper mozzarella sticks, fried cinnamon apple hand pies, mini jalapeno popper egg rolls and much more! Please check our blog or various and creative purposes for egg roll skins. 

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