Patti Jean Rock Cornish Game Hen - Milk and Eggs
$ 5.23 / 14.0 oz / ea

Patti Jean Rock Cornish Hen comes from the known brand Tyson Farms, and is all natural with no preservatives. Cornish game hens are just the right size to serve two people and nestle into the slow cooker with ease.  They are a great alternative meat for small Thanksgiving meals, small pot chicken soup, or for any occasion.

Enjoy a whole, fresh cornish hen with your family and friends. Dress it up with spices and rubs to make an ordinary dinner, incredible!  Roasted Patti Jean Rock Cornish Game Hens make an impressive display for dinner parties. There are several brands of Cornish Game Hens available but the Patti Jean name is one of the more familiar ones.  

Rock Cornish Game Hens are a hybrid chicken breed. They're a cross between Plymouth Rock and Cornish Chickens

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