Pasture-Raised Alfresco Hard Boiled Eggs 6pk
Pasture-Raised Alfresco Hard Boiled Eggs 6pk Pasture-Raised Alfresco Hard Boiled Eggs 6pk
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Pasture-Raised Alfresco Hard Boiled Eggs are convenience and quality in one easy pack. Those are the benefits of Vital Farms new pasture-raised hard boiled eggs. For over ten years, Vital Farms has pioneered the pasture-raised category, defining industry leading standards that literally leave other eggs in the dust. Each and every Vital Farms hen gets to roam outdoors on 108sqft. of open pasture; that’s 100 times the space a confined cage-free hen gets – and they never go outside. By comparison, their girls roam and forage outdoors on grass all year round, soaking up the sun, and breathing fresh, clean air. It’s a difference you can taste. And now it’s a difference you can enjoy on the run, thanks to these perfectly hard boiled eggs, packed in ‘Grab & Go 2-Packs’. Pasture-Raised Alfresco Hard Boiled Eggs 6pk are healthy, humane snacking made easy. Exclusively by Vital Farms!

For the labels that do carry the seal, the only difference is in the supplemental feed that Vital Farm's provides them. Quite simply, because hens are omnivorous, and can’t survive on a diet of grass alone, they need to make a feed available that meets their very specific nutritional requirements. For Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Alfresco Eggs Organic this supplemental feed is the very best USDA Certified Organic feed that they can source. As such, it is free from GMO ingredients, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Pasture-raised eggs are simply the best eggs that you can find: Laid by hens that get to spend their days outside on fresh pastures – not cooped up in small cages or huddled by the thousands in cage-free barns. The eggs are simply better in every way. They taste better. They look better. They’re better for you. And the hens that lay them live happy, healthy lives as close to natural as is possible for domesticated animals.

With a space allotment of 108 sqft per bird on rotated pastures, the grass and bugs that our girls forage for form an essential part of their diet. Any less space than that is simply not enough for this to be true. So while you may see other farms claiming pasture-raising, without the Certified Humane shield, and the measure of space that’s required to carry that shield, it’s not true pasture-raising.

All the different terms on egg cartons – ‘free-range’, ‘cage-free’, ‘added this’, ‘added that’ – can be confusing and misleading, and Big Egg-riculture is more than happy to keep it that way.

But what we mean by pasture-raising is different. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Start with healthy, green, organic pastures. Sunlight and fresh air. This is where our hens live every day and spend all their time, foraging, dust-bathing, just doing regular chicken things. Every night we round them up (and you can imagine how much fun that is) and tuck them in for the night in barns or mobile units. Come sunrise, we open the doors and get out of the way so the girls are free to come and go as they please.

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