Papaya Formosa Organic
Papaya Formosa Organic Papaya Formosa Organic
$ 6.40 / ea

Papayas are very high in vitamin C, a good source of vitamin A and folate, and are loaded with the enzyme papain that helps you digest protein.  These Organic Formosa papayas are one of the largest in the papaya varieties. This large tropical fruit can weigh up to 3 kilos. The firm skin is yellow. The flesh is orange and just like the other papayas it contains small black seeds in the middle. Formosa papayas have a mild aroma and sweet soft flesh

Papayas also contain enzymes that help to stimulate stomach secretions and aid digestion. When cut open, the deep yellow flesh has a melon-peach taste.  Organic papayas are non GMO and certified organic.

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