Organic Valley Extra Large Free Range Brown Eggs 1/2 Dozen - Milk and Eggs
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Organic Valley Extra Large Free Range Brown Eggs 1/2 Dozen have the deep-yellow yolks that you only get when you raise your chickens the right way. Organic Valley Eggs have Absolutely NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything. Each egg includes 6 grams of organic protein and just 60 calories. If you’ve never tasted organic eggs before, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. 

The best eggs come from free-range, cage-free chickens. That’s why Organic Valley holds their farmers to a higher standard of animal care—because they know that chickens lay the tastiest, most nutritious eggs when they spend their days in green pastures.

Ingredients: Grade A Organic Large Brown Eggs

Storage & Handling: Eggs should be refrigerated at 35° to 40°F. Shelf life under these conditions is 24 to 42 days.


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