Farm Box - Office Meeting Box
$ 49.99

This box is designed exclusively for that all important Office Meeting! This box makes it an easy shopping experience with all the snackable essentials your office needs for that 10am morning meeting. We understand the need to keep a group focused and often times it's as simple as having some snacks on the table.

This is a great selection of pastries, fruits, and snacks for an office or team meeting of 10.  

2 x Bread Lounge Fruit Danish Pastry
2 x Bread Lounge Cinnamon Roll Pastry
2 x Bread Lounge Almond Danish Pastry
1 x Simply Orange Juice Pulp Free 59 oz
1 x Simply Lemonade Raspberry 59 oz
1 x Brooklyn Bagel Everything 6ct
1 x Philadelphia Cream Cheese Whipped
1 x Straus Organic Yogurt Whole Vanilla 32 oz
1 x Blueberries 6 oz
2 x Strawberries 1 LB
1 x Navel Orange Bag 4 LB (6-8 oranges)
1 x Raspberries 6 oz
4 x Dole Bananas

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