Fruit - Mini Seedless Watermelon Organic
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 Mini Seedless Watermelon Organic are sweet, crisp and contain an abundance of juice with about 88% water. They are packed with Vitamin A, B6, C and many other important nutrients.They can also vary from deep pink to deep red. Watermelons add a sweet flavor to fruit salads or when used in fruit drinks. Mini watermelons are the perfect individual snack serving size!

Alongside of tomatoes, watermelon has moved up to the front of the line in recent research studies on high-lycopene foods, a carotenoid phytonutrient that's especially important for our cardiovascular health. Scientists also believe that lycopene is important for bone health. Among whole, fresh fruits that are commonly eaten in the US, watermelon now accounts for more US intake of lycopene than any other fruit.

Dice up in fruit salad, cut wedges for snacks, or blend the inside and add a touch of alcohol for your next party trick!

Mini Watermelons are the perfect treat for any day! Eat away and enjoy the health and sweet taste. 5 Tips on how to choose a perfect watermelon

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