Matchabar Iced Matcha Apple Ginger 10oz
Matchabar Iced Matcha Apple Ginger 10oz Matchabar Iced Matcha Apple Ginger 10oz
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Matchabar Iced Matcha Apple Ginger 10oz features two grams of pure, ceremonial grade matcha. After earning the title of the most popular signature drink their cafe, the famed Fuji Apple Ginger Matcha comes in bottle form. The crisp, sweet flavor of the Fuji Apple is countered with a nice ginger kick. Both the sweetness of the apple and the spice of the ginger elevate the smooth, umami flavor of the matcha. Matchabar Matcha contains Caffeine and L-Theanine combine to deliver a calm, focused energy. Matchabar Iced Matcha Apple Ginger contains 2 grams of the same ceremonial grade matcha they serve in their NYC cafes!

Ingredients: Water, Fuji Apples, Ginger, Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Lactic Acid, Chlorophyllin

Brothers Max and Graham Fortgang founded MatchaBar in Brooklyn, New York. As native New Yorkers, entrepreneurs, and full-time students, the pair were naturally full-blown caffeine addicts. In an effort to put an end to their daily cycle of coffee and energy drinks, the pair ventured to a local tea retailer on the lower east side where they tried matcha and were blown away by the energy and focus they experienced. In the weeks and months that followed, they shared in a matcha ritual at Max’s East Village apartment, falling in love with the way it made them feel. As they delved deeper into the history of matcha and it’s well-documented wellness properties (energy, focus, antioxidants), Max & Graham became fixated on the idea of bringing this ancient tradition into the modern metropolis they call home.

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