Seafood - Mahi Mahi Wild Frozen 4 Oz
$ 4.99 / ea

Mahi Mahi Wild Frozen 4 oz is skinless, and has a delicate, sweet flavor. It is an excellent source of lean protein and nutrients. Sear, broil, saute or grill for best results, but only cook until it flakes, not one minute longer. Mahi Mahi is great with a squeeze of lemon or lime as tacos!

Each piece is carefully hand cut to perfection for your enjoyment.  Each fillet is approximately 2-4 ounces. One fillet per order and this item is frozen. 

Paul Dan Seafood is a high end direct purveyor of fresh seafood. They supply amazing restaurants such as Ruth's Chris, Dukes, and several 5 star resorts in the Southwest Region.

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