Laura Ann's Jams Hollywood Marmalade
Laura Ann's Jams Hollywood Marmalade Laura Ann's Jams Hollywood Marmalade
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Laura Ann's Jams Hollywood Marmalade features hand-picked Valencia Oranges. Southern California based Laura Anne's Jams gourmet preserves are homemade and feature only the freshest ingredients (most of which are organic). Hollywood Marmalade has a bright, citrus sweetness with a delicious, fruity texture you can taste and see. Hand-picked Valencia oranges from the E. Waldo Ward family farm in Sierra Madre are combined with just a hint of cinnamon and cardamom. Laura Ann's Jams Hollywood Marmalade is a classic, just like old-school Hollywood. A sweet marmalade with just a touch of spice, it will impress and satisfy any marmalade lover!


Punk rock drummer turned artisanal jam-making entrepreneur Laura Ann Masura is no stranger to turning lemons into lemonade — or, in this case, oranges into Hollywood Marmalade. Masura’s original flavor combinations are inspired by excursions to local farmers markets and area farms. She takes pride in making her own jams with all fresh (and, whenever available, organic) ingredients, and is continually dreaming up new ways in which to enjoy her jams. Laura Ann's Jams is truly a labor of love that has friends and fans wondering what she will cook up next. 

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