Kazi & Co Pet Treats Simply Beef Heart
Kazi & Co Pet Treats Simply Beef Heart Kazi & Co Pet Treats Simply Beef Heart
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Kazi & Co Pet Treats Simply Beef Heart are made from 100% beef heart. Grain free, gluten free, and fat free, these treats are truly delicious. All of Kazi & Co treats are hand made with all natural ingredients. They do not use processed grains or starches. Try Kazi & Co Pet Treats Simply Beef Heart...your furry ones will thank you!

Ingredients: Beef heart

***since there are no preservatives in any Kazi & Co pet treats refrigeration is recommended (3 month shelf life) / can also freeze pet treats for longer shelf life (about 1 year)

Kazi & Co. was created to increase the quality of food that we feed to our pets. They know that dogs require our best care and we make sure that you are able to provide them that through a balanced whole food diet. Their products contain all natural, human grade ingredients that are prepared fresh and are minimally processed. Kazi & Co. food is packed with nutrients that your dog needs to be healthy and active all day long.

Kazi & Co. is named after their beloved dog who got sick. That motivated them to make better food full of nutrition for our pets. Commercial dog foods are found to have preservatives, toxic chemicals and junks and their goal is to make sure that your dogs get the best of food. They deserve so much better. They are supported by vets too so you do not have to just take our word for it, take the expert’s advice!

All the ingredients in Kazi & Co. products have individual benefit and all contain the necessary nutrients providing your dog with a healthy balanced diet, increasing the length of life for many dogs as possible and most of all, they love eating fresh food. Kazi & Co. are a team of dog-loving people determined to make sure that our dogs get the best of us. To avoid the addition of harmful preservatives, they freeze their food to make sure that the freshness is intact.

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