Kabocha Squash - Milk and Eggs
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Kabocha Squash is generally 1.8-2.0lbs, also known as Japanese pumpkin, is perfect for roasting, stuffing, pureeing, and more. This versatile winter squash will soon become your go-to fall ingredient.

Like pumpkin, Kabocha’s bright orange flesh is high in the anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which translates to vision-protecting vitamin A. The skin is also an excellent source of fiber. Additionally, using kabocha squash in any dish boosts the sweetness without adding extra sugar.

To break kabocha squash down, use a sharp knife to slice the entire squash in half. Be careful—like butternut or acorn squash, they can be tough to cut. Scoop out the pulp and seeds (roast those like you would pumpkin seeds), then slice into wedges. Kabocha squash is perfectly fine to be consumed whole, but you can use your knife to remove the skin if desired.

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