Coffee - Jones Coffee Whole Bean Chuck Roast
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Jones Coffee Whole Bean Chuck Roast is named for Chuck Jones, co-founder of Jones Coffee.  Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is the highest grade of Guatemala coffee.  This SHB is from Finca Dos Marias in northwestern Guatemala. Balanced and quietly complete.  Sweet and gently acidy; lightly syrupy mouthfeel.  Dark chocolate, fir, caramel and particularly as the cup cools, an orangey, raisiny fruit.  The chocolate in particular carries into a rich, sweet-toned finish.

As roasters, growers and importers of premium specialty coffees, Jones Coffee Roasters has been sharing a passion for ­fine beans with consumers, retailers and wholesalers in the Pasadena area and beyond since 1994.  Their beans are carefully selected from around the world based on quality as well as sustainable farming methods. Their flagship beans come from a family-owned farm in Guatemala, Finca Dos Marias . First cultivated in early 1800s, the farm thrives today in the hands of the ­fifth generation of the Asturias-Maldonado family. 

Jones Coffee is extremely proud of their finca’s high-quality growing process, that includes unsurpassed commitment to their workers and an uncompromising sensitivity to the environment.  The promise of our world-class beans is unlocked in Jones Coffee Roasters local roastery, and delivered fresh to you.  Jones Coffee Roasters trust you will enjoy their ­fine, handcrafted coffees as much as they enjoy producing them. 

Jones Coffee is locally famous within Pasadena and is a staple of many Pasadena restaurants.  Try some for yourself today!

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