International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil 8.5 oz
International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil 8.5 oz International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil 8.5 oz
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International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil 8.5 oz is bursting with omega-3 essential fatty acids. Adding flax-seed oil to your diet is an easy way to improve your well-being. International Collection flax-seed oil is sourced from flax-seeds grown locally in the UK. Cold pressed to protect the omega benefits, this deliciously nutty oil is unique in the fact that it's shelf stable, even in a clear glass bottle! International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil is cold pressed, high in polyunsaturates and very low in saturates, contains 9g of Omega-3 per serving, and is cholesterol, carb, trans Fat & sodium free. Combine a teaspoon of International Collection Virgin Flaxseed Oil with banana, berries and milk to make a delicious smoothie/shake, add it to balsamic vinegar to create a dressing, particularly for bitter salad leaves, or mix with peanut butter, before spreading on rice cakes, bread or toast. 

Ingredients: Virgin Flax-seed Oil

International Collection has been proudly supplying specialty oils around the world since 1990 when AAK expanded its retail division into the worldwide market. It is now exported to around 25 countries on a world-wide basis and has been available in the USA for over 15 years. International Collection has a presence in the US from North to South, coast to coast and is the leading specialty oil brand in the category with a vast selection of flavors and usages across the range. 

International Collection oils are all natural and are trans fat, cholesterol and GMO free.

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