Fruit - Honeydew
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Honeydew, about 2.5-3lbs, is known for being sweet and juicy. Not to mention how much vitamin C is in honey dew. One cup of cubed honeydew provides 34 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C! 

Honeydew melon makes a refreshing treat on a hot summer day, but it’s also a low-calorie and healthy choice any time you need to feed a craving for sweets. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to a fruit salad, honeydew delivers iron, B vitamins and essential nutrients.

Dice it up for a sweet and savory summer treat!

Look for honeydew melons with a creamy white or pale cream rind. You should be able to smell the melon’s aroma if it’s fully ripened. If it’s not quite ripe, let the melon sit at room temperature for a few days.

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