Hip Chick Farms Organic Turkey Patties
Hip Chick Farms Organic Turkey Patties Hip Chick Farms Organic Turkey Patties
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Hip Chick Farms Organic Turkey Patties are made from only USDA certified organic ingredients Hip Chick Farms offer many protein choices and as a result, they are proud to introduce the best organic turkey burgers you’ve ever had! Each turkey patty is tasty because they like to season their burgers to perfection. Hip Chick Farms Organic Turkey Patties use meat from humanely raised turkeys, free from antibiotics and with no added hormones! These turkey burgers will please the entire family because you can eat them in a salad or on a bun!

Ingredients:  turkey meat*, cream*, onion*, eggs*, bread crumbs (flour*, sea salt, cane sugar*, yeast), dried apples*, salt (*organic ingredients). 

Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Hip Chick Farms believes passionately in both the slow and heritage food movements, which link the pleasure of food with a commitment to local community and the environment. The ingredients used for all Hip Chick Farms products are:

  • Organic and/or Anti-biotic free
  • Humanely certified by an independent certified agency
  • Transparently sourced
  • 100% All-natural
  • Free of fillers, preservatives, and stabilizers

The chicken and turkey in all Hip Chick Farms' products us humanely certified, free range, natural and organic poultry that are raised without antibiotics or added hormones. The organic product is non-GMO.  All of the chickens and turkey are fed a high quality, vegetable diet and grow naturally with plenty of room. They are proud to source their chickens from farmers across the country who meet their standards, including Mary's Chicken, Pitman Family Farms, Ozark Mountain Poultry and Petaluma Poultry

Hip Chick Farms is proud to partner with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) to promote a higher welfare for animals in agriculture. The GAP program recognizes producers committed to better animal welfare using a 5 Step Rating System. Each step has it’s own requirements and all certified producers are audited by authorized, third party companies.

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