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Harris Family Apiaries Honeycomb Box is a true delicacy of nature. The hexagonal cells that create the comb are made by bees from beeswax. Beeswax is an amazing substance that is entirely edible and contains a variety of healing and allergy-soothing properties.

Bees are an amazing part of nature and underappreciated for the most part!  It takes 550 bees visiting 2 million flower blossoms to create 1 pound of honey, and then must consume 6 pounds of honey to generate 1 pound of beeswax.  The bee has to fly a distance equal to 3x around Earth just to produce one pound of honey!

If you have never tried honeycomb, it is worth a shot!  Not only is it a textural difference, Harris Family Apiaries Honeycomb Box can go places honey can’t. While drizzling honey over a salad seems odd, topping a salad with crumbled goat cheese and hunks of honeycomb is a simply heavenly way to eat more vegetables.

Harris Family Apiaries Honeycomb Box also has a completely different texture than liquid honey. It’s not like chewing on a candle. Rather, the wax gives the honey a pleasant body, transforming it from something merely absorbed by the other ingredients into something that stands on its own to contrast and enliven the rest of the dish.

Harris Family Apiaries Honeycomb Box may be enjoyed with slices of tart green apple and a wedge of salty artisan sharp cheddar for a delicious appetizer or dessert.  It also pairs nicely with a warm slice of toast where it melts into the fresh bread to make an unforgettable healthy snack!

Like liquid honey, Harris Family Apiaries Honeycomb Box can be stored at room temperature for long periods.

Harris Family Apiaries is a family-owned and operated from Pomona, CA. All honey is 100% natural. 

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