Ground Chicken 1 lb - Milk and Eggs
$ 7.99 / 1.0 lb
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Ground Chicken Emmer & Co 1 LB is all natural with no hormones or antibiotics. It is ground fresh to order and then immediately frozen to preserve quality.  Everything is made to order so trust the freshness.

When you eat an Emmer & Co. bird, you'll finally get to enjoy chicken for the first time. Beautifully colored, dense meat with a hint of sweetness. Rich, bold, earthy flavors. This is the way chicken used to taste. This is the way chicken can taste again. Saute garlic and onions, add a dash of parsley and oregano, mix with ground chicken and voila, you have chicken patties!

Emmer & Co want you to fully trust where your food comes from. So when they say their birds are 100% pasture raised, they are being 100% transparent in showing you what that looks like. They raise their chickens entirely outdoors on lush, unrestricted pastures so that they can run, forage, build muscle, and live active lives.

Emmer & Co. raises slow-growth chickens that live active, outdoor lives. Their birds take twice as long to grow as fast growth Cornish Cross chickens, and with strong bodies and balanced growth they’re able to spend each day roaming and foraging on their organic Northern California pastures.

Emmer & Co see a different way forward. They're making alternatives to the fast growth Cornish Cross chicken widely available and building a new model for the food system that combines the right animals with practices that improve the environment. By raising slow-growing chickens entirely on pasture, focusing on fair farming partnerships, and using regenerative farming methods, Emmer & Co. is bringing the best tasting, healthiest food to your family’s dinner table. No woody breasts. Delicious flavor. Pastures that shine. This is chicken uncompromised.

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