Grapes Muscat Seasonal
Grapes Muscat Seasonal Grapes Muscat Seasonal
$ 6.15 / 1.8 lb / ea

Muscat Grapes are typically seedless grapes from Chile.  They are only available for a small season in late winter to mid/late spring.  Once you have tried them, you will crave them year round!!  They have an amazing taste, sweet with very distinct floral aroma.  They pop in your mouth like a burst of delight and will keep you coming back for more.  Get 'em while they last!

The characteristic trait of the Muscat Grape is its sweet, musky floral flavor. In to being eaten out of the hand and made into raisins, true Muscat Grapes are used to make a variety of fragrant wines and dried to make raisins.  

Tips on how to pick them: select red muscat grapes that are plump and firmly attached to the green stems.  The color should be both red and green. 

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