Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance 12 oz
Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance 12 oz Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance 12 oz
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Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance 12 oz features turmeric radiance proprietary herb blend, ginger, turmeric chips and powder, and vanilla beans. According to Ayurvedic tradition, every cell contains Agni, the digestive fire that transforms raw elements into powerful life energy. Carminative spices, saturated with the warmth of the tropical sunshine, contain the power to ignite metabolism. Drinking spices is a Traditional approach to support digestion and catalyze the life force within.

Ayurvedic theory posits that most disease processes begin as the result of weak and inefficient digestion. This leads to excessive waste and congestion burdening the body, creating low energy and a pro-inflammatory terrain in which many chronic degenerative conditions take root. Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance is packed with deliciously aromatic, warming herbs and spices. This helps transform food into refined nutrients and drives them deep into the tissues for maximum energy and vitality. Turmeric Radiance’s golden yellow color derives from turmeric root, used in Ayurveda and around the world for its many properties including kindling the digestive fire. It is combined with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass and a host of other potent aromatic herbs and spices long used in traditional cuisines for their delicious taste and internal benefits.

Drink Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance as part of a daily health practice to activate the metabolism, invigorate the core and wake up the body. It’s excellent as a detoxifying morning tonic or before meals to stimulate the appetite, activate digestive secretions and ready the body for optimum digestion. After a meal it works to add extra warmth and energy to the system, driving nutrients into the tissues and reducing gas and feelings of fullness. Goldthread Tonics Turmeric Radiance improves inflammatory conditions and mucous-based congestion arising from chronic digestive imbalance. It also alleviates occasional symptoms of digestive insufficiency, including poor appetite, bloating and fatigue after eating.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Lime (Organic), Turmeric Radiance Proprietary Herb Blend (Ginger [Organic], Orange Peel [Organic], Lemongrass [Organic], Lemon Verbena [Organic], Cinnamon [Organic], Cardamom [Organic], Coriander [Organic], Turmeric Chips [Organic], Turmeric Powder [Organic], Vanilla Bean [Organic], Mace [Organic], Cloves [Organic]), Maple Syrup (Organic), Monkfruit Extract (Organic), Naturally Occurring Erythritol.

Directions: Contents settle naturally. Please shake before you enjoy. Refrigerate after opening.

Goldthread is a line of plant-based tonics revolutionizing the beverage industry. Representing an entirely new category of functional beverages, Goldthread tonics are proprietary blends of super herbs and spices, professionally formulated to deliver powerful results. Each tonic is professionally formulated by Goldthread founder, William Siff, licensed acupuncturist and experienced practitioner of Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western and Indigenous Herbal traditions. Based on synergistic formulations, our tonics are uniquely bio-compatible with the body delivering an effect that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. They micro-brew their tonics in a proprietary, multi-step process that preserves the potency of the plants. Using whole herbs, water, small amounts of citrus juice and sweetened with a touch of maple syrup and monk fruit, our tonics are pure and delicious.

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