Asian Vegetable - Gai Lan Vegetable
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Gai lan is the Chinese name for a vegetable that is also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale. It is a leafy vegetable featuring thick, flat, glossy dark-green leaves with thick stems and flower heads.  It is similar to but much smaller than broccoli.  It could also be described as a larger broccolini. 

Gai Lan Vegetable can be prepared many ways. Stir fried with ginger and garlic is a common method.  It can also be boiled or steamed and served with oyster sauce.  This item is sold in a 1 - 1.25 LB package.

One cooking tip to gain tenderness to the vegetable is to peel the skin off the stems before cooking.  Enjoy this delicious Chinese Broccoli today!

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