Domenico's Arrabiata Sauce 14oz - Milk and Eggs
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Arrabiata Sauce is a delicate blend of the homemade marinara sauce and crushed red pepper. A perfect combination with fresh pasta, yum!

So versatile you can also use with Spaghetti and Meatballs, Lasagna, or Chicken Parmesan the options are endless!

Dominick started his culinary journey with his Grandfather making Sun Dried Tomatoes in his basement in New York when he was a child. After working for the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills he began to sell his tomatoes and quickly added to his popular collection with products including fresh pastas, tapenades and sauces.

World famous and demanded at places such as Wolfgang Puck, Wynn Hotel, Spago, Drago, Soho House, Nobu, Landry, and more. 
domenicos pasta

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