Coldwater Canyon Jam Baba Raspberry
Coldwater Canyon Jam Baba Raspberry Coldwater Canyon Jam Baba Raspberry Coldwater Canyon Jam Baba Raspberry
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Coldwater Canyon Jam Baba Raspberry is sweet & tart and full of raspberry flavor! Open a jar and the aroma will get your memory and taste buds going.  This jam is grandma's own recipe and everything you'd expect in a hand crafted jam.

Ingredients: Baba raspberries, cane sugar, lemon juice, pectin. 

Coldwater Canyon’s Baba raspberries are pesticide-free and obtained fresh from a local farmer, just north up the coast from Los Angeles. Baba raspberries are a type of red raspberry that are native to California. It's a big juicy berry, with a superb old-fashioned raspberry flavor.

Try this with cream cheese on toast, but with your favorite goat cheese the tartness of the red raspberries will come out.

This full-flavored jam is perfect not just on toast or bagels, but also makes a great sauce for ice cream! Thin it with just a bit of water and warm a few seconds on the stove or in the microwave.  Nice to put in thumbprint cookies, or to slather between cake layers.

Coldwater Canyon craft small batches themselves in a certified commercial kitchen, which is regularly inspected by the local Department of Health.

Since 2010, Coldwater Canyon Provisions has crafted small batch jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles and preserves using family, heirloom and original recipes with the finest Certified Organic or responsibly grown California produce sourced from family farmers.

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