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Claravale Farms Raw Milk is unique in that it is the only significant source of a complete food in our diet that is not processed in some form before being eaten.  For instance, the enzymes are all available, whereas in pasteurized milk, less than 10% remain. What this means, is that your body can more readily utilize all of the nutrition that is available in this milk. That's good for you, and it's great for your kids! 

The protein is 100% available, all 22 amino acids, including 8 that are essential. All 18 fatty acids are metabolically available. These are altered by heat in the pasteurization process. Vitamins are all 100% available, and in pasteurized milk they are significantly altered. Minerals are all 100% metabolically available. Calcium is altered by the heat of pasteurization and the loss can be as much as 50% or more.

** Expiration for Raw Milk is short. Shelf life for RAW milk is 3-5 days

The historic Claravale Farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality dairy products using simple, old fashioned, natural methods.

What’s So Special About Claravale Farm Milk?

It’s fresh. Claravale Farm milk is often sold the day it comes out of the udder and is never more than a few days old. Perhaps surprisingly, other milk can be up to a month old before it reaches the supermarket shelf.

It’s high quality Jersey milk. Claravale Farm milk comes from Jersey cows. This breed is world renowned for the quality of its milk, which contains higher concentrations of proteins, solids, butterfat, and beta-caroteen than milk from other breeds. Milk sold in supermarkets comes mostly from Holsteins, which produce larger quantities of more watery milk. Due to their breeding, Holstein milk also contains higher levels of Bovine Growth Hormone than Jersey milk.

It’s natural. Claravale Farm whole milk is entirely natural. Only the cream has been removed from our nonfat milk.

It’s unprocessed. Claravale Farm milk goes from the cow, to the bottle, to you. Other milk may be pasteurized (cooked), homogenized (processed so the cream won’t rise to the top), adulterated with synthetic vitamins and other additives, and standardized. Standardization is the process used by all major producers where milk is separated into its constituent solids and fat, partially dehydrated, and then mixed back together to form a product which just conforms to minimum legal limits for milk. At Claravale Farm, we bottle the milk directly from the cow.

It’s unadulterated. With the exception of removing the cream from our nonfat milk, Claravale Farm milk has not been altered in any way. We add nothing to it nor do we take anything out of it.

It’s nutritious. Claravale Farm milk is raw milk. The natural nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes it contains have not been destroyed or altered by cooking, as is the case with pasteurized products.

It’s marketed direct. We bottle and market the milk ourselves, so we have control over every step of the process. This allows us to produce a quality product and get it to you quickly. Most other producers sell their milk to cooperatives who sell it to processors who sell it to distributors who sell it to markets who sell it to you. Milk from other producers goes through many hands before you get it and is distributed over large areas.

It’s clean. Cleanliness standards for raw milk are stricter than for pasteurized products. Claravale Farm milk is inspected regularly by the California Department of Agriculture and the state veterinarian.

It’s ethically produced. At Claravale Farm we treat our cows with old-fashioned kindness and respect. We feed them nothing but hay, pasture, and grain and house them in comfortable quarters. We never use hormones or other substances to artificially increase milk production. We use environmentally friendly dairying methods and our milk comes in returnable glass bottles which never need to go to the landfill.

It tastes great. Because Claravale Farm milk is natural, pure, clean, and fresh, it tastes wonderful.

It’s real milk. Because it is not processed or adulterated, Claravale Farm milk is the last real, honest milk you can buy.

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