Broguiere's Eggnog
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Broguiere's Eggnog is a creamy, decadent gold concoction that is a must-have at holiday parties, and makes a great gift. Broguiere’s Eggnog is only available for a brief period at the end of each year (October – January). Their eggnog is packed in the familiar old-fashioned glass milk bottles that displays its unique, rich, vibrant yellow color. Once you open the bottle, you are greeted with an amazing smell of traditional holiday scents like cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. The description of this beverage really does not do it any justice because the taste can’t be explained –  you have to experience Broguiere's Eggnog for yourself!

Family owned & operated since 1920. Ernest Broguiere, a French immigrant from the Alps, began the dairy by purchasing a lemon grove on Maple Avenue. When the lemon business failed to take off, he bought a Holstein cow and several hundred glass bottles and started selling milk. With his horse-drawn wagon painted with the dairy logo, he delivered milk to doorsteps, and his business expanded.

In 1965, Ernest's son, Ray Broguiere Sr., took over the business and made a few changes, including the painful decision to get rid of the cows. "He kept the bottles, thank God," says Ray Broguiere Jr., who took over for his father in 1975 and plans to pass on the business to his son, Chris. Monique Broguiere, Ray's daughter, is the business manager.

All the glass bottles carry the dairy's friendly logo of a cartoon cow saying, "Milk so Fresh, the Cow Doesn't Know it's Missing." Why glass? Most will agree it makes the milk colder, fresher, more natural, maybe a little thicker. Or just plain better-tasting!

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