Brisket 120 Trim USDA Choice 6lb - Milk and Eggs
$ 40.66

Cut from the lower chest portion of sustainable raised, USDA Certified Black Angus cattle for the most tender piece possible. Slight marbling and high level and quality of meat, superior to Select cuts certifies this cut as USDA Choice.
Create a dry rub of mixed spices, salt, pepper and garlic and smoke; or simply cook on low heat in a large pan with a bottle of beer, onion soup mix rub, potatoes, carrots and celery, covered for 4-5 hours. The result is a piece of meat that falls apart to the touch, juicy and flavorful!

Premier is one of highest quality meat growers / processor in LA, supplying their meats to 5 star restaurants and hotels. What we've coined at 5 star restaurant meats that is not available anywhere else. Featured restaurants are Gordon Ramsay, Boa Steakhouse, Nobu, Bazaar, Osteria Mozza, Bestia, Wynn Hotel, and more. 

They guarantee quality you can taste, with integrity at every level. All meats are all natural, anti-biotics free, hormone free, sustainability raised, and GMO free. 

5 Star Restaurant Meat

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