Bread - Bread Lounge Challah Loaf (Friday Delivery Only)
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This item may only be delivered on Fridays!

The name challah comes from the biblical requirement, hafrashat challah—separating challah.  The bread was originally called Yachov in Hebrew, since it was baked in the form of a round loaf. It is also now known as cholla bread.  Bread Lounge Challah Loaf is perfect for that special occasion during these holidays.

This item may ONLY be delivered on Fridays!

Bread Lounge is an artisanal baker/cafe located in the heart for Downtown LA's Art's District. Delicious, mouth-watering, hand made Pastries and Breads are fresh baked on site daily. Containing no preservative or artificial coloring!  Enjoy the fresh and locally famous goods Bread Lounge Bakery has to offer without the hassle of driving to Downtown Los Angeles.  Order from Milk & Eggs today!

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