Blue Hill Bay Smoked Salmon Wild Alaskan Coho
$ 9.99 / ea

Pre-Sliced Smoked Salmon 3 oz

Caught in the pristine waters of southeastern Alaska, Coho salmon are caught by local fisherman in an environmentally sustainable one line, one hook, method. This wild, all natural, product is noted for the bright color, firm texture, distinctive flavor, and quality.

Smoked Salmon is a great source of Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients that are important to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

This single serving portion is perfect for a breakfast for two. Toast fresh bagels, cut up tomatoes and onions, and serve with capers and a dash of black pepper sprinkled on top...oh and don't forget the schmear!

Ingredients:  Wild Coho salmon, salt, natural green tea extract, celery extract, natural hardwood smoke.

May Contain Bones
Other Nutritional Facts: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Good Source of Protein, Zero Trans Fat, Gluten Free

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