Bling Bling Dumpling Chicken Thai Basil
Bling Bling Dumpling Chicken Thai Basil Bling Bling Dumpling The PYC Chicken - Milk and Eggs
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Bling Bling Dumpling Chicken Thai Basil

"The PYC" — Chicken Thai Basil dumpling - organic chicken, nappa, onion, green onion, ginger. This item is delivered frozen. Enjoy like traditional dumplings that are boiled in hot water or our personal favorite, as pot stickers with a nice crunchy base! 

Pair this with the famous Bling Bling Dumpling sauce and you will have a complete flavor experience!

Directions: Bring pot of water to boil.  Add frozen dumplings to water and let boil until dumplings float (approximately 5-8 minutes). Please allow to float for 1-2 minutes and allow dumplings to slightly expand. Please extract, allow to cool, and enjoy with favorite seasoning. Seasoning usually is mix of fresh chopped garlic, soy sauce, finely chopped ginger, sesame oil, and vinegar.

Cindy and Pei-Yen started Bling Bling Dumpling with one goal: to make traditional Taiwan street food the way their families taught them—by hand, with care.  Using only quality fresh ingredients, they bring your traditional dumplings to a whole other level.  Lines of people wait to get their taste of these dumplings. 

Until now, these scrumptious morsels were sold only through farmers markets.  Now you can enjoy these delicious dumplings from the comfort of your home by purchasing online exclusively with Milk & Eggs! 

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