Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans
Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans
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Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans are steeped in family tradition and are skillet-sautéed with onion, tomatillo and jalapeño for the rich flavor of old Mexico. Delicious as a snack or side. Add to your favorite taco, wrap, rice or casserole recipe. For best results, sauté Better Bean Co. Skillet Refried Red Beans until a bit'll guest will love you for em'! Vegan & gluten free. All natural ingredients. Non-GMO. Ready to eat. Non GMO Project verified.

Directions: simply saute / heat and serve. Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: Red Beans, Water, Onion, Tomatillo, Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Organic Jalapeño Pepper, Sea Salt, Garlic.

Born & raised in Portland OR, Better Beans are created by Keith Kullberg and cultivated by the whole Kullberg family. As a young college student at Oregon State, Keith developed an original recipe for refried red beans. So deliciously nutritious, his beans became a monthly family favorite of his two daughters, Hannah and Brooke. While Keith loved taking a full weekend day to cook his red beans for his daughters, he always begrudged the fact that he couldn’t buy a tasty, ready-to-eat bean at the grocery store.

For Keith, canning his beans was just not an option. Inspired by fresh salsa and pasta, Keith put his beans in a tub and sold them fresh in the refrigerated section. In 2010, with the help of his daughters, Keith launched Better Beans in local stores and Portland area farmers markets; the community agreed: fresh beans were better. Now sold nationwide, Keith and his daughters strive to realize their vision of bringing easy, tasty, healthy beans to everyone.

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