Bertha Mae's Brownie Pumpkin Spice
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Bertha Mae's Brownie Pumpkin Spice will spice up your life with “Pumpkin Spice”. Bertha Maes Brownie Pumpkin Spice is just around for the holiday's so get yours while they're around! Brownies come frozen/2 week shelf-life once thawed

***It is important to note that while the Pumpkin Spice flavor does not have nuts, they are baked in a kitchen where nuts are utilized.

A long time ago… in 1880, as a matter of fact, a little girl named Bertha Mae was born in Hope, Arkansas. She grew up to create the tastiest brownie recipe and she passed it along to her children.

Now, 144 years after Bertha Mae’s birth, the family decided to share this recipe with the world and Bertha Mae’s Brownie Co. was born. While they added yummy treats to the foundation of the recipe, the basics have not changed and Bertha Mae’s original recipe can be tasted in the Original brownies.

After spending years as the Executive Chef and Chief Baker at home, Bertha Mae’s Brownie Co. is Wendy Pomerantz’s entry into the professional culinary world.  After 17 years of working, living and breathing the Commercial Real Estate Lending industry, including as head of credit administration for a start-up real estate company and vice president of credit and underwriting for various banks, she decided to follow her heart and carry on her great-grandmother’s baking legacy. Today she enjoys endless hours of baking, creating and feeding delicious treats to the masses. As she transitions from Banker to Baker, Wendy is taking her head for numbers into the kitchen and the world of entrepreneurship, and loving every minute of it!

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