Beef Roast Frozen 3-4 LB by Crowd Cow
$ 32.99 / 3.5 lb
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Beef Roast 3-4 LB by Crowd Cow is perfect for a slow cooker with potatoes, carrots and other veggies you love in your pot roast. Beef Roast is beautifully dry-aged, and perfect for that slow cooked pot roast where the meat is so tender it nearly falls apart to the touch. Grab your Beef Roast from Crowd Cow today and enjoy it prepared to your liking! A perfect center piece to any family meal.

Crowd Cow’s mission is to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the very best beef from small, independent ranches and to make the experience convenient and fun. Crowd Cow is committed to showcasing and celebrating very best farms and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing healthy, high-quality meat you can trust.

Crowd Cow co-founder Ethan went to an upscale grocery store to pick up some steaks and found himself wondering where the meat was from and why it cost so much. In talking to his friend Joe, they discovered that many of their friends had purchased beef directly from local farms, and had bragged about how great the meat was. But the trouble of finding a good ranch, coordinating payment and pickup and the idea of having to purchase and store up to a year's worth of beef at once was too much. There had to be a better way. Ethan suggested they “crowdfund a cow” so that 50 people could each buy a tiny amount of beef directly from a local farm. After a couple of weekends visiting ranches and building a website, Crowd Cow was launched and the first cow was sold in 24 hours.


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