Baia Organic Dried Pasta - Corkscrew 16 oz - Milk and Eggs - 1
Baia Organic Dried Pasta - Corkscrew 16 oz - Milk and Eggs - 1 Baia Organic Dried Pasta - Corkscrew 16 oz - Milk and Eggs - 2
$ 6.99 / 16.0 oz / ea

Baia Pasta was born when he learned that most of the wheat used by Italian pasta makers is grown in the US, and it was nearly impossible to find quality dry pasta made here. Enjoy this popular shape made in Organic Durum Wheat.

Baia Pasta is:

  • Well-kneaded with cold water to create a compact fragrant dough that maintains all the original integrity of the flour
  • Extruded gently in small batches through brass dies giving the pasta a rough surface to create a good al dente texture and to help absorb sauce
  • Dried at low temperatures (never over 105ºF) to preserve the original protein and gluten content of the wheat and maintain its great flavor.

We combine the art of traditional Italian pasta making with great American-grown grains and produce short cuts of pasta in 5 different organic flours (durum, whole durum, spelt, whole spelt, and Kamut® khorasan wheat). 

Baia Pasta is made by two ingredients, water and flour. Oakland is home to the nation's cleanest tap water, from the Mokelumne River, on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. This area is mostly national forest, and undeveloped lands little affected by human activity. The Mokelumne watershed collects snowmelt from Alpine, Amador and Calaveras counties. We're oh so lucky...

With flours though, choice is not so straight forward. Parameters like protein content, flavor, color, elasticity, and fineness are all key to craft great pasta. It took us 3-4 months to select the right flours to extrude our pasta back in 2010 and we still test different producers to this day. All flours are organic and from US, grown near the Rocky Mountains mostly from Utah and Montana but also from Washington, North Dakota and we're still experimenting with  California growers to have our own wheat. Our providers are now Central Milling and Montana Flour and Grains.

We are inspired by our roots in Piemonte (Northern Italy), where food is a passion, a language, an emotion; food is everything. All we do is dictated by the principles of the Slow Food movement: to provide people with delicious food that is good for them, good for the people who grow/produce it, and good for the Earth.
We are also inspired by the Bay Area food scene and the many local artisans/chefs/retailers/farmers who are doing their part to make good, real food accessible and by doing so, inspiring a transformation in production practices and the way we eat.

We have a small shop and production facility in Jack London Square, along the beautiful Oakland waterfront. Located so close to the San Francisco Bay, we thought our name was both clever and fitting: Baia means "bay" in Italian. Our retail shop is fully stocked with our pasta and local, artisan pantry items, like olive oils, spice blends, salts, pickles, sauces, and tomatoes. The sweet smell of pasta often wafts from our production space into our retail shop--our customers certainly don't complain! 

We are a small-scale operation that we think of as a small family: it's the two of us and two amazing employees (Annie and Gerardo). The four of us make it all happen in our space in Oakland: production, packaging, deliveries, sales, marketing, accounting, and distribution.