Aussie Pies Ground Beef
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Aussie Pies Ground Beef features slow cooked choice ground beef marinated in Australian Shiraz Red Wine with mirepoix (diced carrots, celery & onion) in a traditional short crust pastry base, with a buttery croissant pastry top. Aussie Pies Ground Beef takes 3 days to make and is #1 rated gourmet savory pie. Fork-In® delicious! Each delicious 5" pot pie is fully cooked and comes frozen. Just throw Aussie Pies Ground Beef in the oven for a bit and your whole family will be asking for more!

Cooking instructions: Pre-heat oven/toaster oven to 325ºF. Cover pie with foil (especially if frozen), reheat to internal temp of 165ºF. Should take between 35 - 50 minutes* (dependent on your oven / cold versus frozen)

Since 2014, Aussie Pies has been making their inspired by Australia, completely reinvented, gourmet, hand filled, savory pies, sides, gravy, soups and desserts. They offer their gourmet comfort food in their Inglewood CA restaurant, as well as  in many eating establishments. Aussie Pies took the humble (Aussie) savory pie, and reinvented it completely - breathing creativity, imagination, taste, look and excitement into it, and putting that re-created food item onto a much bigger stage. They got their friend and "Chopped" Champion Chef, Chef Joe Youkhan, to join the gang from Day 1 - and started re-creating pies. He's leading the culinary charge as Aussie Pie's Chef Partner. These are the MOST EXPENSIVE savory pies you can buy in USA. Fork-In Aussie Pies® are the #1 rated savory pie in the USA on Yelp.

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