Applegate Naturals Sliced Prosciutto
Applegate Naturals Sliced Prosciutto Applegate Naturals Sliced Prosciutto
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Applegate Naturals Sliced Prosciutto is all natural, casein free, dairy free, gluten free, humanely raised, and made with non-gmo ingredients. This Sliced Prosciutto is made from fresh pork legs that have been carefully trimmed and cured, as the Romans did 2,000 years ago. During a meticulous 10 month period, Applegate prosciutto is massaged, double salted, aged, and cured. They don’t stop there, as their prosciutto must also pass an aroma test, conducted by an expert trained to use an “Ago di Osso di Cavallo” (i.e. tasting needle), to ensure each prosciutto respects a particular sweetness. Like all Applegate products, it is Applegate Humanely Raised with no antibiotics ever. Perfect any day of the week or to celebrate a special occasion. If bacon makes everything better, then Applegate Naturals Sliced Prosciutto makes everything perfect!

Ingredients: Pork, Sea Salt.